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The message of Mr.Kh.Allahdadi, the founder of Tebyan bilingual school

In the name of God, the Unique who taught his prophet what he did not know and substituted him on the earth .

From the beginning of creation, the universe has gone through lots of changes. Today, the changes of human world have accelerated to a great extent, and humanity has moved toward continuity and unity on the one hand and toward dissociation on the other had . It has also moved toward dissociation since spiritual , social and environmental stability has been challenged .

Having a successful life in such a world requires a multi-dimensional education, a kid of education which attends to all aspects of human beings so that they can grow and evolve . This education train people to undertake important responsibilities in the society . These conscious people are willing to cooperate with others .This accomplishment will be achieved when families and school go hand in hand and cooperate with each other to facilitate this progress. In passing this process , it is very crucial that home and school respect their common values and realize their real responsibilities , and do their best to learn and grow .