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About the Institute tebyan

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Computer site: Is equipped, it’s like a network and connect to the world wideweb and all software applications are installed on it.

Smart board: From each grade, one grade is equipped to smart board and video projector.

Laboratory: Laboratory’s cupboards include of all tools and materials that students need for testing based on their experiment’s initial textbook.

Reference library: The school’s library with more than 1000 books is welcome to dear teachers and students, the books are varied, specialized and full, and every year, school added some new books professional to library.

Film and move archive: In various subjects about English language, science, math, Persian (language), history and…

Audio visual facilities contains of 22 video projector device, 7 CD player,4 television and 2 DVD player device.

Buffet’s school: In addition to healthy and packed foods, is ready to welcome the teachers and students.

Type and copy: the school is equipped with copy device, and trying to deliver all copies to teachers and students as soon as possible with a good quality.

Chest awards: To encourage the students and a safe competition between students, there is a large wardrobe full of different bonuses in the school hallway and students can use them by collect the score cards.

School facilities

  • A school with bilingual system (math and science lessons)
  • English conversation training
  • Homework school
  • Shuttle service
  • The efficiency of the site for each student and every parents
  • Ability to accurately inform of student performance and training and disciplinary report for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly report.
  • Implementation of special monthly tests and providing quantitative and qualitative descriptive records and comparison and student’s academic growth charts , research and investigation and consultation, painting, fostering student’s creativity, group activities, the special educational and recreational camps, book reading, training the student’s talent with equipment, such as: prayer room, laboratory, library, health room, lunch room, computer site, computer,..