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Manager Welcome

In the name of our unique God that his name is our permission and his love is our gift

A unique that give us though and cogitation

Greetings to the people of thought and culture

With regard to our responsibility according to our ability in the field of education, and also in the opportunity came up to us after our lovely revolution, first, thank God that give us the success to serve in this historical period and also provide the great spiritual arena to be able to apply faith and also in accordance with Quran verse: all of our properties are from God, and we are bargains with God and also we are trying to provide the perfect growth areas for our students, divine entrusted, and strengthen the spirit of altruism, investigation (curiosity), and responsibility in them. We consider the staffs, students and their parents as the greatest wealth and value of this collection and also we are trying to provide a friendly environment to them.

In the year that is emblazoned with the act and practice, we begin the new school year with the motto:

We have chosen our annual motto according to the wisdom… active goodness, knowledge, and consultation

We are trying to achieve the science and art, goodness is our way …We are lucky because of our good way